Natural Edge Maple Table.

Gary Oak Chainsaw Milling.
March 4, 2017
Garry Oak Bench.
July 23, 2017
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April 2016-July 2017;

This project involved working with the client to turn the sadness of a much loved maple tree that was blown down during a winter storm into a beautiful Dining Table.

The client wanted something to remember from a much loved Maple tree of about 150 years old when it died and have something made from it that was more than just fire wood. We chainsaw milled the tree in place and then stickered and air dried it with a fan inside for 14 months. The wood had some extensive rot so the top had to be made out of 3 pieces instead of 2. The uprights are supported by a curved stretcher which is morticed through the uprights and pegged with a Yew wood wedge. The supports are angled instead of the usual straight as it gives a more dynamic feel and also reflects the fallen tree, lifted up and resurrected.

Dimensions; Top is 98″x 34-36″x 2.5″. Height is 31″. Finished with satin spar varnish for durability.