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September 29, 2011
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October 18, 2011
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Photo #1, October 6th 2011;









Just starting the Gong Stand for the Zen Centre, am going to post some photos of the various stages of its construction. Here the pieces of Western Maple, 2” and 3” thick have been roughly cut to size, these will be left in the shop for a month or so to season a bit more. The moisture content was 10% on the outside and the cut centre of the 3″  was 14%, previously the wood had been air dried for 4 years. In the photo the pieces have been laid out in their approximate positions, the cross pieces are going to be morticed througth the uprights and pegged, the abbot wanted the stand to be dismantled if it needs to be moved. The base will have lap-joints and some knockdown bolts for the uprights. I have been keeping the ideas of Shibusa (see the book review ‘Japanese Arts…’) and honouring the material as the guiding design elements.


January 2nd, 2012.


The wood is fully seasoned  and all the joints are now cut, all it needs is some bandsaw work on the feet and the pegs. These are going to be made from Pacific Yew, its  dark rich colours will go well with the lighter colured Maple.

Photo #3  January 9th 2012

Below are some photos of the finished stand with the gong at the Zen Centre. It comes apart fairly easily with bolts on the underside that release the posts and the wedges easily knock out. The stand is very stable which it needs to be, the gongs quite heavy, about 30 pounds. The Abbot Eshu Martin said that its been a ‘big hit with the community’ . Finished with Tung oil