Raven Shippeii

West Coast ‘Memento Mori’.
April 7, 2015
Tree-Lovers Dining Chair
November 2, 2015
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Raven Shippeii; June 2015:ravenshippie02

Commission from ZenWest for some Shippeiis or talking sticks to be used by the Abbott Eshu Martin. This one is the first and was influenced by the noisome Raven and their strong presence here on the West Coast.

They are very talkative with at least 30 categories of vocalization from caws to croaks and clicks and have been recorded to demonstrate displacement, which is the capacity to communicate about objects or events that are distant in space or time, to give instructions. The original image that I had in my mind was of it perched, in silhouette in its place at the end of a snaggy old Cedar top.

One of my favorite books on the subject is ‘In the company of Crows and Ravens’ By John M. Marshall and Tony Angell, which has great illustrations and documents the human relationships between us and the Corvids.

Made from Western Yew finished with Tung Oil.

raven stick2