Natural Edge Mantel and Shelf.

Buddha Board
November 2, 2016
Gary Oak Chainsaw Milling.
March 4, 2017
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Mantel of locally milled Big Leaf Maple;

A bit nervous fitting this to the tile but no cracks! A 2″x 3″x 45″ piece was taken out from the underside of the Maple and with the grain pattern matched was used as a cleat and fixed in place by two lag bolts. The Mantel is then slide over the top of that and screwed and plugged. I like the way the natural edge of the Maple reflects the patterns in the Tiles and adds warmth and contrast to the space. Dimensions; Length 59″. Width 5″-9″. Thickness 3″. Finished with Polymerized Tung Oil.




Entrance Way Shelf of Locally Milled Big Leaf Maple;

A different tree with a different story. In the same space as the Mantel above this piece of Maple was very figured, crooked wood with a large crack in it. It was sanded and not planed, to avoid problems with the wavy grain and the crack was filled with black epoxy. Fitted to the wall with small brackets that are jointed to the underside for extra strength, as its at a height and in an area where it might have some weight placed on it. The grain pattern is burl like and special and with fine sanding it comes up like a gem stone! Dimensions; Length 46″, Width 7″-10″, Thickness 2″. Finished with Polymerized Tung Oil.