Maple and Yew Bench

May 23, 2014
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December 23, 2014
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Maple and Yew Bench; June 2014.


Had wanted to make something like this for awhile. I had been seeing all these beautiful and interestingly shaped pieces of Maple wood at the millers that inevitably end up being cut into dimensional lumber, all straight lines and uniformity that seemed so far removed from the source. The bench is in four pieces that are held in place by the Yew wood pegs.


Entered this into the Sooke Fine Arts Show  this year and it was accepted. The show runs from July 25th until August 4th. Below is part of my artist statement that I had to submit.

‘The Maple bench is part of a continuing exploration of the attributes of wood as a material. Not only on a functional level for example as a bench but also as a process that attempts to reveal something of the tree itself.

The bench is there to display the beauty of the Maple wood but also the wood with its various flaws and strengths has played a part in the design of the bench, the placement of joints and the heights and shapes of the sides and the back.

The wood is expressive and reflects the environment that it grew in and the land that we live our lives on. As Andy Goldworthy writes “…the tree is the land …it is the earth, it is stone …these things flow through the tree as they do through the field and the mountains”.

The bench has also been influenced by my recent work with Zenwest Buddhist Society, based in East Sooke, who have commissioned me to make various ceremonial wood pieces. The aesthetic we have worked on has lent itself to an open approach to the role of material in design.’