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April 17, 2013
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April 30, 2013
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Set of four Windsor/Maloof Dining chairs; April 21st, 2013:


Recently finished this set of chairs, fairly pleased with them. Im now up to 11 chairs built and they seem slowly to be coming into focus; the proportions work well, they have a simplicity to them and are very comfortable. Of course now I see there are a few improvements that i would like to add on the next ones. The materials are Red Alder for the seats, Spalted Big Leaf Maple for the crest rail and Gary Oak for the legs and back splats and it was finished with polymerized Tung Oil. The Gary Oak came from a salvaged tree from Metchosin an agriculture area near Victoria. While cutting the rough boards I came across a few musket balls deep within the wood, we estimated there were between 80-100 years worth of growth rings between them and the outside of the tree. They were a soft lead and didn’t blunt the blades. I careful removed them and when the chairs were almost done, just before putting the finish on them, I drilled and placed them back into the wood. I took a few photos of the process as it was going along.


RIMG0015                                                                                                                                                          The seats are roughly shaped out after the Dado joints are cut for the back legs.











The back legs have the corresponding half of the Dado cut before final shaping, the front legs are almost all turned and the outside of the seats have been shaped. Once the crest rail and the back splats mortices have been cut the rail can be roughly joined to the back legs so that its final shape can be gauged.


The final shapes start to become apparent and the turned stretchers are cut and fitted.



With everything sanded to 180 grit the chairs parts are glued together. When its all set there is some final shaping and sanding to 240 then 4 coats of polymerized Tung oil.