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Protect Ancient Forests Chair
October 20, 2016
Natural Edge Mantel and Shelf.
January 29, 2017
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October, 2016

Project for Zen West whose Abbot Eshu Martin works as an spiritual adviser at the Victoria Hospice in the Royal Jubilee Hospital. He wanted a Buddha board, which is a impermanent drawing surface which you can write whatever on with a brush dipped in water and the image slowly fades away, to be placed in an alcove in one of the hallways.

The natural edge Maple works well, strongly suggesting the tree from which it came from. The easel part that supports the board is the off cut from the maple, which has a natural hollow. A few grooves cut in the end of it hold the board and brush. Stones sit in hollows carved out, inset Chinese tea cup for water, wood finished with Tung Oil.