December 16, 2011

Spalted Maple Box

  Spalted Maple Box.      December 15th 2011.             The client wanted it to resemble a shoe box. The number seven is […]
December 1, 2011

Bowl Turnings;

  Bowl Turnings; November 30th 2011.               Had some time to turn a few bowls, foreground is  Big leaf Maple […]
November 6, 2011


  Chanterelles,  (cantharellus formosus);  October 28th 2011; It is no dream! matsutake are growing on the belly of the mountain.              […]
October 18, 2011

Glass Display Case

    Glass Display Case; October 7th 2012. A display Case or Vitrine for a sequined  suit worn by a former star of   ‘Disney on Ice’ […]
October 6, 2011

Zen centre Gong Stand

Photo #1, October 6th 2011;                 Just starting the Gong Stand for the Zen Centre, am going to post […]
September 29, 2011

The Japanese Arts and Self Cultivation.

By Robert E Carter. Chapter Six, The way of Pottery, Beauty is in the Abdomen. On my reading on craft I have found a lot of […]
August 4, 2011

Seeing and Using: Art and Craftsmanship.

By Octavio Paz, from a chapter in his book ‘Essays on Mexican Art’. This chapter also has a sub- heading ‘Participation’.   This is a great […]
June 19, 2011

In Praise of Shadows

In Praise of Shadows. By Jun’ichiro Tanizaki. In praise of shadows is an essay on aesthetics by one of Japans most famous 2oth century novelists. My […]