Stump Portraits

In Praise of Trees
May 21, 2011
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June 19, 2011
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                                                                                    Photograpth #1 Easter Island;

Southern Vancouver Island, June 2011.

These old stumps are the remains of trees that were cut down by hand  in the pre chainsaw days, mostly the ones that are now left are the Cedar. The slots were cut with an axe and spring boards  inserted that enabled the fallers to saw above the swell of the trunk. Walking through the forest and seeing them is quite striking with their solemn faces, the symmetrical axe cuts staring out as they slowly rot into the forest floor. I tilted it Easter Island because of the various connotations of living on an island that has been so reckless with its resources.


stump face

   Photograpth#2;     East Sooke Park Febuary 11th 2013.  With a few more years the traces of these spring board cuts will disappear, becoming the soil of the forest floor. The last of the hand falling must have been around 80+ years ago and with the high precipitation of the West coast these ghosts of the past are fading. The cedar stumps being the last to go.


     Photograpth #3  Sooke Hills,  March 21st 2013.